Theatre Challenges

We understand that one of the purposes of theatre is to hold a mirror up to life, and that life isn't always pretty.  Theatre can challenge our ideas about ourselves and our preconceptions.  Sometimes to it is necessary to illuminate dark corners of human behavior in order for us to take another step on the road to becoming our better selves.

Dark Ride Media and The Thalia strongly condemn hate speech in any form by any officers, staff members, and producers and presenters. We were founded on and continue to be governed by the principles of inclusion and respect for all people, regardless of social beliefs, race, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, or religion. All participants – producers, performers, instructors, staff, and attendees – are expected to hold to these principles in their interactions at our facilities, their promotional materials, and their public statements, regardless of media.

Although included in the set of expectations above, it is worth highlighting that sexually inappropriate behavior, including unwanted commentary and physical contact, has no place at The Thalia.  People who find themselves subject to such behavior are strongly encouraged to report incidents to a member of staff.  All conversations are held in the utmost confidence.