Kickstart Us!

More and more there is less and less public and corporate funding for the arts.  Creating a multi-function venue as polished and professional as we want The Thalia to be takes a tremendous amount of time, planning, energy, and capital.  For this last item, we turn to you – the Greater Boston arts community.  

Our Kickstarter campaign has offerings at all levels of support, from the 'buy us a cup of coffee' level to the 'high-finance' level.  Whether you give $10 or $100 (or $10,000), you have our deepest appreciation.

The campaign ends on August 27, so you have until then to pledge – but if you want to attend the Fun-raiser on July 28, you'll need to pledge by July 26 or purchase your ticket directly on-line or by calling (800) 838-3006.

The Fun-Raiser!

On July 28 we're showing everyone how sweet life is going to be once The Thalia is open with a soirée that features an all-dessert buffet, a performance from Samantha Farrell, remarks from Emmy award-winning A&E critic Joyce Kulhawik, and a silent auction with some remarkable prizes! Get your ticket by pledging to our Kickstarter campaign before July 26.
Joyce Kulhawik

Joyce Kulhawik

Samantha Farrell

Samantha Farrell

Do More

The Boston theater community is in dire need of small venues. The Thalia can help fill the gap, and I am thrilled that they are stepping in...The timeline is now, the need is there, and the funding will get it all in place.”

Julie Hennrikus, executive director StageSource

Grassroots support from the community will keep us going throughout the years, but a few significant contributions would go a long way to insuring our success.  Through our Kickstarter campaign we have opportunities for those who want to commemorate a significant person or event by naming the rehearsal hall, or those who feel like being one of our nine personal Muses and being celebrated at our gala.  But we are also seeking (and rewarding) those who want to contribute to our efforts on an even greater level.

The Thalia is a community-oriented, for profit venture.  As such, donations we receive are not tax deductible, but they are greatly appreciated.  We recognize there are generous people who acknowledge that the arts cannot grow and thrive without those who give magnanimously.

The stages of travelling theaters used to composed of wooden boards placed atop large barrels.  Those boards represented a much greater investment of time and money then than they do now, and those members of the troupe who owned a share of the theatrical company were, quite literally, "plank-holders".  Our Plankholders are folks who give money in exchange for a share of The Thalia's annual profits.  They take a risk alongside the theatre-owners, but the rewards have the potential to be quite substantial.

Lenders are just that: people who lend funds to The Thalia in exchange for repayment of the initial amount plus a fixed amount of interest.  Because the risk is lower than being a Plankholder, the rewards are slightly lower as well.
If you are interested in learning more about how you or your company can become more
significantly involved with The Thalia, please email us.