We want to thank everyone who came out to the Fun-Raiser on July 28th.  We were few, but mighty -- and those folks are helping to spread the word about The Thalia. 

Did you read the nice piece that Boston Magazine recently did on us? It's generated a lot of interest, including from some theater companies who might like to partner with us! More on that as it develops. 

The wheels are bureaucracy turn slowly, but they do turn.  Our next step on the long journey is an appearance in front of Cambridge's Zoning Board on August 25 to get a variance.  Despite the fact that the building we're in houses two businesses, and that we're next to a business (the Green Street Grill), the area is technically zoned as 'residential', so we need a variance to open a theatre.  The fee paid to Cambridge to apply for the variance was $2,732.50 (and that doesn't include what we have to pay our attorney), which is twice as much as we've raised through our Kickstarter campaign so far. 

You can help out by signing and sharing our on-line petition.  The petition is an easy and free way to show that we have the support of people throughout greater Boston.  If you live or work in Cambridge, your signature may even have more weight! Please take the 5 minutes to sign it and share it with your friends!

Thank You Irving House B&B 

We've just received a wonderful gesture of support from the good folks at the Irving House.  With our Summer Fun-Raiser a little more than a week away, they have agreed to be one of our Platinum level sponsors, demonstrating a commitment to the arts in Cambridge which we should all applaud.  As if that wasn't enough, they've also donated a great item for our silent auction! 

Located at 24 Irving Street in  Harvard Square, Irving House has served travellers coming to Cambridge since 1945. In its early years, it was the annex of The Kirkland Inn with offices in the home of the Misho family who operated the inn until 1990. 

Purchased in 1990 by new owners, they have been making improvements to the house since.  In 2009 they began a comprehensive renovation of the house, updating the rooms, improving technologies and expanding amenities.