Thank You Irving House B&B

We've just received a wonderful gesture of support from the good folks at the Irving House.  With our Summer Fun-Raiser a little more than a week away, they have agreed to be one of our Platinum level sponsors, demonstrating a commitment to the arts in Cambridge which we should all applaud.  As if that wasn't enough, they've also donated a great item for our silent auction! 

Located at 24 Irving Street in  Harvard Square, Irving House has served travellers coming to Cambridge since 1945. In its early years, it was the annex of The Kirkland Inn with offices in the home of the Misho family who operated the inn until 1990. 

Purchased in 1990 by new owners, they have been making improvements to the house since.  In 2009 they began a comprehensive renovation of the house, updating the rooms, improving technologies and expanding amenities.

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