The Arts Nexus

We provide space for rehearsals, classes, workshops, presentations, and private events in Kenmore Square.  The Arts Nexus is suitable for dancers, choreographers, stage combatants, actors, improv troupes, yoga practitioners, martial artists – in short, almost* anyone who needs space.

We have three spaces, each with their own unique attributes.  Please read the descriptions and select the space that is right for you.

*–we are not a good space for those wishing to rehearse amplified music or loud acoustic music.

About Us

The Arts Nexus is the new rehearsal and class space for performing artists located at 665 Beacon St., Suite 301, Boston MA 02215 -- just outside Kenmore Square.  It is suitable for movement arts (dance, yoga, etc.), theatre rehearsals, table readings, and small, private events (business presentations or anything you can imagine).  The space has two changing stalls, a restroom in the space and two additional restrooms in the public hall. 

The Thalia Theatre, rehearsal hall, and lounge in Central Square will not be opening.  The City of Cambridge made it impossible to open the venue, despite how badly it is needed by the arts community.

Rental Inquiry

1. Select the Space that best suits your needs. Each room description includes the size of the room, the flooring material, the ceiling height, and any unique features.  All space is bare space.  There are no chairs, tables, etc. included in the rental.  They may be rented at an additional fee at the time you make your reservation. 

2. Select the length of time you wish to be there.  Time-slots are displayed in 30-minute blocks, so if you want a 3-hour contiguous block (i.e., 7pm to 10pm), select a duration of 6 (six blocks x 30-minutes = 3 hours).   All available time-slots of that length will be displayed, and prices automatically adjust for to reflect peak/off-peak hours and length of block. 

Our minimum rental period is one hour, but beyond that you can boo in 30-minute increments (that is, you can't book a 30-minute session, but you can book one that is 90 minutes long).

3. Select the time(s) you wish to reserve from the calendar.  All available times that fit your criteria are displayed.  For example, if you want to rent Studio A for 3 hours, you will see any starting time that can accommodate your needs.  You may reserve dates up to one year in advance.  There is no discount for recurring blocks, but there is a discount for longer blocks. If a time-slot shows up on the calendar, you can rent it.  There's no need to contact us to ask about availability.

4. Pay your deposit. You will be required to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit at the time of booking.  The balance is due 48 hours prior to your booking and will be charged to the same credit card you used to make your reservation.  You may book multiple and recurring blocks.  Discounted rates are only offered on contiguous blocks of time; you'll get a discount on one 3-hour timeslot in a single night, but not on three 1-hour time-slots booked on multiple nights.